Values, Mission and Vision

Core Values and Principles (The beliefs guiding our work)

  1.  The fundamental personhood of African and African diaspora women and that their rights are inalienable, indivisible and an integral part of universal human rights
  2. Acknowledging, valuing and rewarding women’s paid and unpaid labor in society’s public and private spheres
  3. Solidarity, partnerships, networking, promoting young women’s leadership, and inter-generational transfer of knowledge
  4. Women’s power and leadership are essential for a successful society
  5. African and African diaspora women’s diversity as well as the benefit of working with people of all backgrounds
  6. The growth and long-term sustainability of organizations led and managed by women in a democratic, transparent and progressive manner
  7. The Pan-African Women’s Movement is part of a broader movement within and outside Africa, aimed at creating an enabling environment for good governance, social justice, equality and economic empowerment that counters the negative impacts of globalization
  8. Partnerships and alliances with men who are committed to the empowerment of women
  9. Our work is part of a Global Women’s Movement, which has produced significant advances for women and girls and is sustained by the voices, hands and work of women from all over the world
  10. Africa is the birthplace of all humanity; thus, we encourage and welcome Americans of all backgrounds to actively support the development of our shared Motherland

Vision (Why we exist)

AWDF USA℠’s long-term vision is for Pan-African women to live in a world in which there is social justice, equality, and respect for women’s rights.

Mission (How AWDF USA℠ works to promote its long-term vision)

AWDF USA℠ promotes increased public awareness, understanding, financial and other support in the United States for effective development initiatives and organizations led by African women.

Vision 2020 (The impact that AWDF USA℠ will have in the next ten years to advance our mission)

AWDF USA℠ will be recognized as the United States’ premier center for high impact African philanthropy and social investment.